Swiss Miss
A Hug in a Mug

Swiss Miss is seen mainly as a comforting wintertime treat, causing its sales slump outside of that season. So, to leverage the drink as a year-round comfort, Swiss Miss will position itself as a remedy for the everyday struggles. Because, if you turn on the TV, go on Twitter, or just look outside, it’s clear that we could all use a hug. In a mug.

(Student work) 

Limited-Time Packaging



Greeting Cards

Earned Media

Public figures have their fair share of rough times. So, Swiss Miss will send them customized mugs to brighten their day. When warm water is added, a happier message is revealed.

Late Night
Swiss Miss sponsors a “Hug in a Mug” segment where all the news discussed is spun to be incredibly uplifting.

Hug in a Mug Cake
Because sometimes hot chocolate doesn’t do it. Sometimes you also need cake.

Made with:
Shelby Bass (AD)
Mila Wizel (AD)
Rachel Sherman (Strategy)