The Lost Class 
Change the Ref

3,044 students from the high school class of 2021 didn’t graduate because they were killed by a gun. We held a graduation ceremony for this Lost Class and invited David Keene, former NRA President, and John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, to deliver the commencement speech.

They thought they were speaking at a dress rehearsal, but in reality, they were addressing the seats made empty by the guns they fight for.

Cannes Lions 2022 - Titanium Lion

ECD: Sam Shepherd
ACDs: Matt Turnier, Jason LaFlore
ADs: Katie DiNardo, Sofia Gahn
CWs: Kelley Barrett, MacKenzie Hart
Producer: Ashley Geisheker
Designer: Kyle Poff

Visit The Lost Class website to learn more and sign the petition to pass universal background checks on all gun sales.